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Sport Transforms Lives

We all know the benefits of sport. Sport transforms people's lives, their health and our communities.

We also know that lots of people are taking part in sport and physical activity. But not everyone is.

To reach our aspirational target; 75% of people hooked on sport (young people and young adults) we require a diverse range of activities which meet the needs of every individual, delivered by passionate and skilled people who make sport fun.

There's some fantastic work already happening across Wales - but there is still plenty more to be done. We are committed to working with our partners to effectively develop and deliver high level population based outcomes that will help us achieve our aspirations.

To be world leading, we must collectively set long-term outcomes that drive investment and resources to deliver the Community Sport Strategy.

Our vision is to have every child hooked on sport for life.

Our vision is to have every child hooked on sport for life.
To accomplish our long-term mission, we are committed to:

1. Get 75% of young people and young adults hooked on sport

2. Positively target the participation gap within inequality

3. Deliver a sporting pathway to become a nation of champions

Why Sport Matters

Community Sport - Our Ambitious Journey

We need to be more sophisticated in terms of our investment, ensuring a greater focus on the customer if we want to shape the sporting landscape we desire; 75% of young people and young adults hooked on sport, narrowing the participation gap between those living in deprived areas, women and girls, disabled people, BME communities and creating clear and defined sporting pathways across Wales by 2026.

This website has taken our headline statistics from both our latest Active Adults and School Sport Surveys to showcase the current and future landscape of sport in Wales.

You can use it to break the data down by Local Authority, Region, Age and Gender, enabling you to plan ahead with resources aligned to your long term contribution to community sport.

Sport Transforms Lives

Are You Asking the Right Questions?

Just by asking yourself these 10 questions, you're already taking the first steps of breaking down some of the barriers we've learnt can discourage participation. The next step is to act on them!

Tweet your experiences, thoughts or ideas to start a dialogue and let's get talking about the right kind of questions we should all be asking #OurAmbitiousJourney

1.Are you committed to equality?


How diverse are your board members? How can you reach out to different communities?

2.Shift work v's 9-5: How big of an obstacle?


Do you know what kind of scheduling/timetables would best suit your target customers?

3.Have you considered how many of your target customers have childcare complications?


What are you doing to make it easier for them?

4.When was the last time you asked your customers what would make it easier for them to participate in your sport?


When was the last time you listened and did something about it?

5.Have you ever wondered what the biggest factor behind people not volunteering in sport is?


...Because they hadn't been asked!

What simple steps can you take to overcome this?

6.How do you use technology to increase awareness of what you can offer?


When was the last time you engaged with a customer using an app, or social media? Do you just assume it's not for them?

7.What tools do you currently use to promote yourself?


Audiences are 85% more likely to engage and share your content when in the form of a photo or video, than any other form of communication on social media.

How often do you post fresh content?

8.Are you aware of what makes the biggest impact for a female when starting a new sport?


*Hint* it has nothing to do with hairdryers! ...It's as simple as being welcomed by senior officials.

*What can you do to create a welcoming atmosphere and create a sense of belonging?

9.Did you know that customers are already choosing sports and exercise on the basis of how it's going to change their body?


Future Foundation research suggests that this will become more of a motivating factor as we move towards 2026.

*Have you thought about what you can do differently that will re-focus the customer on the method they employ to achieve their final shape/size and not the aesthetic end result or interim methods that could negatively impact on their health?

10.Are you aware of how much of a negative influence time pressures and work/life-balance have on participation in sport?


The rise of the Multi-Generational family suggests that developing more joined-up sporting offers for children, parents and grandparents will prove successful in overcoming some of the barriers of modern lives.

*What are you offering that's different?